The PhD dissertation

“Wireline Equalization using Pulse-Width Modulation” can be downloaded from this page.


Entire PDF-file (10MB)


Separate parts:

Title page, Table of contents

Chapter 1 – Introduction (pp. 1-18)

Chapter 2 – Modeling copper cables and PCBs (pp. 19-44)

Chapter 3 – Effect of timing non-idealities on an analog multicarrier system (pp. 45-62)

Chapter 4 – PWM pre-emphasis (pp. 63-98)

Chapter 5 – Multitap PWM pre-emphasis (pp. 99-122)

Chapter 6 – Conclusions (pp. 123-126)

Appendices (pp. 127-136)

References (pp. 137-142)

Samenvatting (pp. 143-146)

List of publications (pp. 147-148)

Dankwoord, About the author (pp. 149-152)



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see the ICD / University of Twente page.


For more information, or a paper version,

contact Jan-Rutger Schrader at contact at schrader dash ic dot com.